I feel my phone may be bugged, has any way to effectively prevent information leakage?

  • Hi everyone! 
    Recently I always felt my phone was being monitored! Although I do not know how each other eavesdrop on my phone, but my intuition told me that I was monitored.
    This feeling is very bad! Who can help me? Many thanks!
  • Hello, VictoriaShelley.
    Under normal circumstances, the phone was monitored in the following ways.
    1. Implant the chip inside the phone.
    2. Use wireless eavesdropping device
    3. Phone itself eavesdropping port
    Well, in the face of the first type, you just need to open the phone to check if there are traces of being converted.
    If the other party is using a wireless device, then you can try to use the WIFI / Wireless Jammer cut off its signal
    If it is a port reserved for government agencies for snooping then you can try to block the transmission of GSM, 3G, 4G signals using a cell phone jammer
    I hope my answer can help you

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