In theater how to stop annoying phone ringing and photographed behavior?

  • Hello everyone!
    I am a theater staff. I feel I can not stand the ringing ringing of the phone and camera sound during the performance! I heard that the jammer can solve this problem, is it really effective? 
    If your can, I hope your can give me a recommendation, the choice of what kind of jammers. Thank you!
  • Hello Edwina!
    First of all, I can tell you explicitly, jammer can solve this problem. And the effect is very good!
    Second, as for the choice of jammer, you need the signal jammer must have the following two functions:
    1. Can jammer all cellphone signals. This can effectively prevent the ringing of the phone during the show
    2. Ability to block wireless signal networks. Blocking Wi-Fi signals can effectively prevent guests from taking pictures and posting on social platforms
    So, you may need a jammer that can blocker both cellular and WIFI signals.
    Of course, in addition to using jammers. The theater can require customers to deposit their cellphone before entering the venue. More communication may be can more effective solution to this problem
    Thank you for your question, I hope my answer helpful to you

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