In the United States prison can legal use of jammer?

  • Hello everyone!
    I am a prison guard, and more and more criminals have recently smuggled their cell phones for remote crimes. Can I use a jammer in prison? I've heard that some states have introduced laws that allow the use of jammer. I would like to ask now in New York can legitimate use of jammer device it?

  • Hell Julian!
    As far as I know, only in California, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas prison five states allow the use of cellphone jammer.
    I believe the use of jammers in prisons will gradually become widespread. 
    After all, contraband cell phones are a real problem. They have allowed prisoners to surreptitiously deal drugs, run illegal businesses and even organize murders, right under the noses of guards and wardens. A single South Carolina prison recently detected 35,000 cell phone calls and texts over a 23-day period.
    Although there is currently no law in New York that can be used in prisons, but I believe it will be promulgated by the relevant laws.
    I hope my answer can help you

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