Using WIFI jammers can stop hackers?

  • I heard that the use of WIFI jammer can effectively prevent hackers from entering the computer. Is this true?
  • Hello, Scott! There is no doubt that your method is feasible. It is well known that hackers enter and invade through signal networks. In the past, hackers had to hack through wired networks. But as the WIFI penetration is higher and higher, some hackers start by WIFI network invasion, once you have connected to the strange WIFI signal (usually the WIFI are automatically connected), chances are your computer and cell phone will be invaded. So, if you use a bluetooth , your network environment will be safer and less likely to be hacked.
  • I'll just add that. Now hacking has become more and more developed. In addition to WIFI, some smart hackers can also attack your network via bluetooth and invade your device. So if you buy a jamming device, it's best to notice if it interferes with bluetooth.

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