WIFI jammers can prevent employees wasting time?

  • I am the boss of a small business. Recently I found out that my staff used their cellphone for a long time when using their mobile phone during work hours or going to the bathroom. I do not know how to stop them from doing this. I heard that using WIFI jammer can isolate wireless signals so employees can not chat on Facebook. Is this actually feasible?
  • Hello George! First, you need to know what network signals your employees use to get online. If your employees are using WIFI, it is a very effective way to use a WIFI jammer. If they're using 4G, then you might have nothing to do with a wi-fi jammers. If you aren't sure what network your employees are using, it's best to choose a cell phone jammer that can blocker 4G and WIFI signals. Second, you may need to consider the range of distractions. If the scope of the jammer is less than the scope of your office, it is likely that some employees will not be disturbed. Besides, I don't think jammers are the only means. Better communication with employees may result in better results.

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