How to prevent drone from violating my privacy?

  • Hello, everyone! Recently, more and more UAVs flew over the courtyard of my home. Some drone will stay in the yard for some time. Honestly, I do not know what they want to do. But when I saw some drones with cameras, I felt as though someone was spying on my privacy. I've heard that a drone jammer can solve these problems. is this real?
  • Hello Tracy!

    Your fears are normal. With the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, the four-axis aerocraft is getting smaller and heavier, and many people like to make some illegal modifications on it. For example, there are tiny cameras mounted on drones to steal and steal confidential information. Even some people will install weapons on drones!!! This is very worrying, because drones, your privacy and life security are at risk.

    Fortunately, however, there are now radio signal jammer designed specifically for drones. The jammer can blocker drones of 120 to 1,500 meters. It can make your surroundings safe.

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