Is it legal to use a jammer in the United States?

  • Hello everyone!
    I may have a little sense of crisis excess, I always feel someone watching me, tapping my phone, watching me through my WIFI. So I want to block the surrounding signal through the jammer, and let me feel at ease. But I'm not sure in the end the United States now use jammers is legal. Because I see a lot of people around me are using it.  So, is it legal to use a jammer? Please help me
  • Hello Austin! 
    Each country has a different definition of whether it is legal to use signal jammer. In the U.K. and Japan, for example, anyone can own a jammer -- as long as they don't use it.  Dozens of countries, including Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and others, allow the police or prison officials to use jammers. Chinese and Indian schools use jammers to stop cheaters. Mexico allows jammers in churches and hospitals. And Pakistan allows jamming in banks and libraries. At present the United States government and prisons are using jammer, police are also applying to use jammer device.  I believe the future will be open for use of jammers in more and more field. I hope my answers to help you.
  • Although the law is not applicable, more and more people are using it now. Such as cinemas, hospitals, education institutions. In any case, it is best not to influence others when you use it. Because you can avoid FCC warnings and fines. However, few people have been punished for using jammers.

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