In the United States prison can legal use of jammer?

  • Hello everyone!
    I am a prison guard, and more and more criminals have recently smuggled their cell phones for remote crimes. Can I use a jammer in prison? I've heard that some states have introduced laws that allow the use of jammer. I would like to ask now in New York can legitimate use of jammer device it?

  • Hell Julian!
    As far as I know, only in California, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas prison five states allow the use of cellphone jammer.
    I believe the use of jammers in prisons will gradually become widespread. 
    After all, contraband cell phones are a real problem. They have allowed prisoners to surreptitiously deal drugs, run illegal businesses and even organize murders, right under the noses of guards and wardens. A single South Carolina prison recently detected 35,000 cell phone calls and texts over a 23-day period.
    Although there is currently no law in New York that can be used in prisons, but I believe it will be promulgated by the relevant laws.
    I hope my answer can help you
  • In the United States, many prisons this year have been given permission to test jamming devices. The main purpose is to prevent reoffending in prison. 
    According to statistics, since 2012, the number of crimes committed in prison has increased year by year. Mobile phones are the main culprit. So this year the state's prisons and prisons have applied to the FCC to use jammers in prisons.
    So far, the prison crime rate has dropped significantly with the use of jamming devices. This new form of regulation should be rolled out across the country this year.

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