Can use cell phone jammers in school?

  • KeynesDale
    Since smartphones have become popular, more and more students turn their attention to mobile phones. Students who use their mobile phone for social activities can be found everywhere in the classroom. So, I wonder if schools can use jammers to stop this phenomenon?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello Keyne!
    First, I must agree with you. Indeed, students are more and more inclined to look at their cell phones rather than their teachers.
    The phone was used for some bad things. For example: send text messages in class, test cheating.
    Of course, using a mobile phone jammer is a very effective method. But this may involve interfering with students' freedom of communication.
    I suggest communicating with the students first. Jammer as the ultimate measure
    I hope my answer can help you

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