How to prevent hackers from intruding through wireless networks

  • JimSpringhall
    Hey, guys. It seems that the Internet is not safe these days. It is reported that hackers can now hack into smart devices and steal personal information through wireless networks. That sounds horrible. So I want to know, how to prevent hackers from invading from wireless networks
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello, Jim
    I think it's necessary for you to worry. Hackers can now hack into personal smart devices using fake WIFI. As a result, many large shopping malls or residential areas have free WIFI set up by hackers. Once you are connected to this kind of WIFI, your personal information will be quickly stolen. As a result, many people now carry around a device called a WIFI signal jammer.  Such devices can quickly block WIFI signals, don't worry about the device being compromised

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