How to prevent the disclosure of company secrets

  • MilesBaker
    Our company is an Internet company, Many confidential documents are kept in the company computer. Recently, we have a competitor in front of us. We are worried that they will hire hackers to steal our data. I've heard that hackers can hack not only through physical wires, but also through wireless networks. How do we stop this invasion?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello, Miles
    Your concern is necessary. Such things happen in modern business wars. Hacking into rival companies is nothing new.Therefore, high-tech companies should pay special attention to this aspect of protection.
    At present, many high-tech enterprises choose to purchase WIFI signal jammer to build their own network protection system. This kind of device has the characteristics of low cost, simple installation and quick effect. As a result, such device has become a necessity for high-tech enterprises

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