How to protect bank network security

  • WinniMalthus
    Because many customers at the bank now prefer to connect to free WIFI to pass the time of waiting. So this gives hackers a chance. I heard hackers can set up a free fake WIFI. Once connected, it will invade your device. Recently a lot of customers' personal information has been stolen while they are waiting in our bank. So I wonder if there is any good way to protect the network security around the bank
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello, Winni
    You say this phenomenon is really hard to deal with. Because many smart devices automatically connect to nearby WIFI. Therefore, it is very likely that your bank's customers will be stolen personal information by accident. The only effective solution is to create a WIFI isolation zone. You can buy the WIFI jammer and install it in the corner of the bank. Once the device is turned on, nearby WIFI signals disappear

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