How to prevent women from being tracked by GPS?

  • LouisHerbert
    Hello, everyone!
    I want get some hlep here. GPS tracking has been rampant for the past two years. You can easily buy a GPS tracking device. Currently, GPS tracking devices are the direct cause of more than 3,000 women being sexually abused each year. Every day, thousands of women are being followed, and they live in fear. Is there any way to change this situation?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hi, Louis! 
    At present, in Asian countries, especially Japan, such cases are very frequent. More than 300 disappearances of women each year are linked to GPS trackers. Faced with such a situation, the world organization for the protection of women has commissioned a Chinese research organization to develop a special device to protect the whereabouts of women-GPS signal jammer. The device can quickly block GPS signals around it, effectively protecting women's whereabouts. The device is being tested in many Asian countries

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