When will 5G jammers appear?

  • BerylMackintosh
    Hello, everyone! It is said that huawei will release the first 5G mobile phone this year. Will there be 5G jammer soon? I just bought a 4G jammer. I wonder, after 5G comes out, will my jammer still work?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer

    A Hello Bery!

    Yes, we all know that huawei has plans to launch 5G phones this year. The era of 5G is about to begin. But the spread of 5G will not come soon. It is expected to take two years to become fully available. Therefore, 5G cell phone jammer will also have to wait until that time to officially appear. At present, Perfectjammer institute is carrying out research on 5G jamming equipment. The head of the institute says things are going well. Maybe we'll soon see 5G jammers

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