How to protect yourself from government drones?

  • TiffanyCasey
    I read about us drones spying on civilians.I wonder if there's a way to avoid tracking or ban it? I don't do anything illegal, I just want to be safe and not under the constant surveillance! Many thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated!
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello, the problem you are talking about is also one of our experts' recent concerns. First, you need to understand the characteristics and how these devices work. Only in this way can you avoid them better..
    If you will be able to block it – you will make that UAV literary blind. Just turn of your smartphone and avoid using it for some time, UAV will surely loose your tracks. But that is not really convenient, sometimes, you may require something more powerful, and in that case, our military grade signal blocker will come in handy. It will block cell phones and may even disrupt drone's communications, if it will come really close.Buying a drone jammer is the best option

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