How to stop spy drones?

  • MandelFerdinand
    Hi, I'm very concerned about drone spying.Could this device be used to spy on the general population? Could I also be monitored? I heard that there are already self-driving drones for surveillance and spying, and whether our privacy will become more insecure
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello, Mande
    We can understand your concern because these small drones are indeed used for espionage. As drone technology becomes more sophisticated, many features of small drones are becoming more suitable for spying. As more organizations and institutions use these devices, our privacy becomes less secure. You can try to block GPS signals, but that won't probably do the trick, if the drone will be controlled directly, otherwise it may crash. But as long as those drones use 2.4GHz frequency to transmit data and for controls as well, the best way here will be probably a universal signal jammer, which will block all the video streaming and the controls of the drone. 

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