WiFi is threatening our digital wallets

  • ernenceChilde
    With the popularization of intelligent equipment, our life is full of all kinds of intelligent equipment. Our life has become more and more convenient, now, we don't need to take a wallet when we go out, we just need to take a smart phone and so on to complete a series of payment process. As a result, it is convenient to store all our money in electronic wallets. But now, with the increasing vulnerability of WiFi and 4G networks, our money is becoming less and less secure, and your savings can be stolen without you noticing it. How can we protect our property?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    As WiFi and mobile phone networks are exploited by hackers, our electronic possessions are becoming increasingly insecure. Many people have had their wallets stolen or personal information stolen because they accidentally connected to insecure WiFi. This is a great threat to personal privacy and property security. So researchers have designed a WiFi jammer to protect their smart devices from hackers, and it works

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