How can I guarantee no cell phones at work

  • TylerMinnie
    Hello! Many workers from my company are wasting plenty of their time using their mobile phones too much. Can I make this wrong tendency to stop evolving?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    In fact, so many unwelcome phone places is because industrial security requirements, such as business meeting rooms, storage of flammable and explosive materials and gas, gas stations. You know, there are always some warning words to remind us, no phone. So why can not we make and receive calls in the areas of these places

    If employees of your company continue to waste their time in such modern way, your boss might consider creating no cell phones at work policy with the help of cell phone jammers. By the way, if you wish to get additional information about this subject, you can read about mobile phones at work in our blog.
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hi! Because it takes just a low static current to the current flue gas, phone operating state can reach points. Especially in the rain and fog, poor ventilation can lead to the possibility of an explosion. In this way,

    The name "cell phone jammer kit" is often used to describe the jammer itself, but it also can be the name for the actual kit with cell phone jammers inside. The type of the cell phone  jammer can differ for various kits. As a rule jammer kits are used only by military organizations and government structures.

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