Can I prevent spying by my parents

  • TylerMinnie
    Hello everybody! Recently I've discovered that my parents are spying on me via surveillance measures. Can I prevent this and re-establish my own privacy?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello! Tech electronic products can easily be tracked, so our trade secrets are tracked. High-tech electronics products can help competitors get business information from the company. The most common situation is that employees can use mobile phones to take their recorder business files, equipment or tape to record the meeting, and connect with competitors. These stories did not happen in the movie, they really happen in our business. Some companies may even be due to the collapse of commercial information, the secret disclosed to competitors. We must therefore attach great importance to the company's supervisors. As a result, many companies put installed gps jammer in focus prevent leaks

    So you have discovered that your parents do not trust you and trying to break into your private space? Do not worry! For every measure there is a countermeasure! If they installed some kind of eavesdropping device in your room, or some kind of the hidden camera to spy on you and watch your every single action, you need to prevent spying by your parents once and for all!

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