20.Why does someone need a gps jammer

  • TylerMinnie
    Hi guys! I want to know this thing: why does anyone need to use gps jammer anyhow? Is it not easier to just turn gps module of your own mobile phone off?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hi! If the noise because the phone can not sleep, and almost everyone unbearable way of normal life, because they are always followed signal tracking device, and is also affected by other frequency of the signal, in this case, the best approach is to use the scrambling devices the signal can help them solve problems, and now look at this paragraph, you can get useful information here.

    As for turning GPS module off, it may help with more simple cases. If someone tries to track GPS location through your phone and you turn this module off, they will lost connection to it. But if more serious organization like CIA or FBI really wants to track you by means of GPS technology, even if this module is turned off they can make it work again in their advantage. They can even remotely turn your cell phone on not talking about GPS module!

    Thus consider having GPS jammer in your car to be protected from being tracked by GPS and remember that many people are in need of GPS jammers even if they don't know it for now.

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