Can cell phone jammers block signals in other people's cars

  • TylerMinnie
    Hi guys! I know that I can use cell phone jammer in my car to avoid distracted driving but can I use it to block cell phone signals in other people's cars?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hi! WiFi jammer in full charge can last two hours, so it has a car charger and home charger for indoor and outdoor charging. If you can, you are ready to move the power to the gadget, making it last longer.

    So no matter if you are driving in your car, or your friend's car, or any relative of your drives you by his or her car - you can use your cell phone jammer in any vehicle to make sure that distracted driving will not endanger your life and lives of other people in the car.

    By the way, you can combine the effectiveness of mobile phone jammer with GPS jammer if you use any of GSM/GPS jammers. This will help you not only prevent distracted driving but also it will protect you from possible GPS tracking applied to your car.

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