What signal jammer is better - big or small

  • TylerMinnie

    Good day folks! I don't know if this may be considered the right question but anyway... Can someone tell me what kind of jammer is better - big or small?

  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hi! Scrambler is the inevitable product of the growth of the security industry, for the industry has a hinge position. Known Signal Jammer jam the barrier, but also extend the Handheld Jammer open signal, Mobile jamming, Ceiling jammer, Jammer power and others.

    Two main types of signal jammers are portable jammers and desktop jammers. To say briefly, portable jammers are designed to have the ability to be hidden easily, but they are less powerful, and desktop gps jammer are bulk, big and powerful, they have wider jamming range but are unable for being hidden in the pocket because they created to be placed in one spot and work there.

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