Can I prevent aircraft pilots from sending SMS in the cockpit?

  • SimonCecillia
    Hello everyone! I was looking for details on sending SMS while driving on the Internet and came across an article about Mashable about an Australian pilot using a mobile phone and almost crashing a plane. Can I prevent such a thing in some way?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    You know, sending SMS while driving is a real problem these days and it seems like it's spreading not only on cars and other vehicles, but also on planes. And while there are many systems to help you manage mobile phone use in your car (although they may not always be as efficient as they should be), no such system exists. is designed for airplanes. At least for the moment.

    If you try to approach the problem in the other corner, I will disappoint you too. Although almost all mobile phone problems can be solved using mobile phone jammers, few can not, and this one related to the use of mobile phones in planes is one of them. . Do not do it, do not do it, do not use any type of signal jammer in the plane in flight! You risk your life with that of a few hundred other people, including crew members and passengers. If an aircraft system goes wild because of wireless signal interference, your chances of surviving the crash will be low.

    So in the case where a pilot uses a cell phone, you can not do anything to stop him from doing it. The only thing you can hope for is that he is conscientious or that his superiors have simply explained to him that no mobile phone or other gadget should prevent a pilot from driving the plane. And, of course, you can wait in the hope that the system to disable mobile phones on the plane without harming its other systems will be invented someday.

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