Are there indicators on jammers?

  • SimonCecillia
    Hello everyone! Someone may think it's not very important, but I want to know: do signal jammers have some kind of indicator of their work process?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    You made the right choice by asking this question! There is no "Not important" question when selecting your future jammer, which you would buy and use to deal with your problems. As far as the indicators are concerned, most jammers have at least one indicator that this signal jammer is powered up and is working now. But there are even more.

    Signal jammers such as this one have two LEDs indicating work and recharge operations separately. There are also other types of indicators such as this signal jammer. These lights are located on the top of the scrambler and are separated according to the locked bands that are currently operating. Thus, their seer is also enlightened.

    So when you select your signal jammer, carefully examine the indicators you need.

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