I need to block the AdTrap routing device

  • SimonCecillia
    Hi guys! I need advice on how to block this AdTrap device? It is a real necessity, so I will appreciate any possible help.
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    AdTrap is a good device because it comes from the name used to block ads, which is displayed when you browse the web. This device has some brilliant aspects. It is compatible with many operational, mobile and desktop systems. Of course, it may seem much more convenient to block these ads with certain programs and browser extensions, but if you use multiple devices simultaneously, AdTrap will be the best solution. First, it can share the Internet connection with the powerful Wi-Fi module and 2Gbit network cards.

    You should know that AdTrap can create a vulnerable point in your wireless network. You should know that Wi-Fi networks are available at a great distance from the router and spread in all directions. That's why someone will be able to connect and hack your wireless network. There are millions of applications adapted to the hacking of WPA2 and WEP encryption algorithms.

    Perfectjammer Corp. has a solution that will get gps jammer this device. First of all, you should know that Wi-Fi networks use a 2.4 GHz frequency to transmit data and that this frequency can be easily blocked. All you need is a Wi-Fi blocking device. You should know that there is also a desktop version. They will be better if you need them to block Wi-Fi frequencies in large areas. They can not be powered by a battery, but have a larger working range.

    Thank you for your question, I hope I managed to help!

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