Mobile phone jammer installed in school, but is it legal to forget it?

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    In recent years, more and more universities have installed jammers in classrooms or dormitories in order to allow students to concentrate on their studies and have a reasonable schedule, but they have ignored whether they are legal.
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    Many educators have difficulty understanding how to use electronic devices in the classroom. Some students are educated on the adverse effects and encourage them to regulate their use. Others have even highlighted possible applications for mobile devices in the classroom. Well, many people just try to ban everything. A British Columbia principal has raised the ban to a new level by making a portable jammer. There is only one problem-the device is illegal in Canada. The director ordered the Chinese equipment online, but some angry students soon discovered and informed him that it was illegal. This idea is very important. Now he looks terrible, and seems to have nothing to do with banning the use of mobile phones, but with maintaining school authority. In this regard ... it has been completely reversed. Many schools have effectively banned the use of mobile phones without resorting to technical restrictions (I have attended such a high school). The principal should probably explain to students and teachers why cell phones are a problem, define guidelines for proper use, and reasonable consequences for policy violations. Establishing the principal's authority and earning the respect of his students may go much further than installing illegal devices and being forced to never look back.

    Disturbances pose serious risks to the safety of students, faculty, and others. This is a stern way to try to solve the problem-it blocks all signals on all phones.
    Block the signal with special paint or try blocking the signal with a metal roof, etc. It also poses a security risk to anyone in the building. If parents cannot reach their children in an emergency, parents will be very upset and the school will take responsibility.

    It is necessary to limit the functions of the mobile phone to a controllable level, and we have invented such a product: the silent zone. ZoS is an elegant way to control various functions on your phone. For example, schools can restrict students' phones to call / text parents, while allowing employees to use mobile phones without restrictions. Alternatively, they can restrict all calls, or limit the camera to work in the locker room. Most importantly, 911 will never be blocked. In case of an emergency, our equipment will be shut down remotely to allow all phones to return to an unlimited state. We are a few months away from the commercial version, but please visit our website's contact page for the latest developments.

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