How to make a signal jammer at home?

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    Buying a signal jammer on the Internet is not easy. I want to make one for myself. Can anyone tell me what are the steps to make a signal jammer? thank you very much!

  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer

    A jammer is a very sensitive signal blocking tool that is unavailable in many countries, but today, when mobile phones are everywhere, using a jammer can help us reduce unnecessary problems and improve noise. Quality of Life. This thing is difficult to buy on the Internet, so you can make yourself simple and very simple, but we want to remind you that you must abide by local laws and regulations, not in the process of infringing others. Detailed production methods can read the following page : How to make your own portable jammer.

    Learn how the jammer works. The mobile phone jammer news agency of the GSM800 frequency cooperates with a mobile phone for operation. Lead VCO experts also include vibration oscillators, efficient engineers, and senior engineers. RF test equipment is difficult to construct.

    As a noise source, you can use a 45 MHz clock oscillator that drives a local oscillator port, which is also located in the microcircuit mixer. There is also an impedance matching network for passing signals from a local oscillator. It is used for equal connection with the UM impedance clock oscillator and mixer.

    The RF input (this port of the mixer is connected) is connected to the 800 MHz mobile phone antenna and the RF circuit's miniature circuit amplifier. This amplifier will increase the output power by 15-16dbm. The amplified signal is sent to a second mobile phone antenna.

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