Can a GPS jammer stop a bomb?

  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    How does the Secret Service prevent someone from simply detonating a missile on a presidential car? I don't think armor or signal jammers will stop the missile.
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer

    Missiles are not magic elves. Sagger-guided anti-tank missiles with warheads comparable to the RPG-7 are difficult to defeat the current MBT. The president's limousine may look like a car jammer, but rest assured that all the technology used to protect MBT is already on the table and ready to use when designed and manufactured.

    Another aspect is, of course, that missiles never fired are a priori failure. It is not stupid to rely solely on the armor of the president's limousine or countermeasures to protect the secret service of the president. Anyone setting up a launcher for ATGM on the presidential route will quickly become very popular gps jammer.

    The problem with this type of problem is that they believe that missiles are easy to buy in the United States and that owning and deploying these missiles will not get people's attention. No one is right.

    What do "someone" and "detonate" mean now? Are you saying that an average person will fire a missile from his backyard, find out where the president is and detonate it? The President is well protected. Foreign forces may use missiles to assassinate the president, but "someone" is unlikely to have the skills or resources to do such a thing.

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