Does the jammer really protect privacy?

  • I've seen many large conferences or companies use jammers. For the normal conduct of the conference without being interrupted, I don't know if the GPS jammer can shield the mobile phone signal?
  • Mobile communication is usually a very annoying thing. For example, a sudden call during a meeting can be annoying. The use of mobile communications in prisons can trigger illegal activities such as drug trafficking and escape. The purpose of using mobile phone signal portable jammer is to prevent receiving mobile phones and strictly prohibit communication.

    Of course, if you cannot make calls and communicate with people far away, life will become very difficult and you will live outside human civilization. Artist Allison Burtch once put the jammer in a composite box to prevent possible calls. This applies to many offices. meeting.

    Everyone is worried that the drunk photos he posts on Facebook may be shared with others, whether men or girls. Secret monitors are the most powerful weapon for invading privacy. For example: B. Secret cameras can be placed in underwear stores for surveillance or tracked by computer chips in cars or clothing. Someone will even look at your credit card purchase or mobile bill, and some policy consultants can buy your various dates from the provider.

    Standard signal jammers often emit radio waves that interfere with or impede the reception of the required GSM radio signals. Some interference products not only interfere with mobile phone signals, but also block GPS and WiFi signals. For example, GPS jammers send their own radio waves to intercept signal reception. Before purchasing a GPS jammer, check the signal band blocked by the jammer.

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