Should cell phone jammers be installed in prisons?

  • jammershopers
    Jammers are installed in prisons to prevent prisoners from reducing contact with the outside world, which will reduce a lot of trouble.
  • Ashpakhyan

    Even in prisons, cell phone jammers are essential. Since 2005, authorities have confiscated more than 6,000 mobile phones in 55 prisons in North Carolina, and this number has steadily increased until 2012 when authorities installed equipment such as metal detectors, X-ray scanners and the like. Authorities say the state has passed a law criminalizing cell phone use by prisoners, which is a powerful deterrent. Cell phone jammer is a cheap device that can block unauthorized cell phone signals in some prisons, and the signal jammer will spread efficiently throughout the prison.

    An effective jammer does not have to provide more power than the device it is interfering with. Most portable jammer use CDMA technology, which means that they operate at essentially the same frequency and are synchronized with the base station. Various "codes" are sent in this frequency range so that the base station can decrypt them separately. However, if a single fraudulent phone continues to generate junk noise on CDMA frequencies instead of carefully synchronized CDMA codes, its direct signal will be overwhelmed.

    Cell phone jammers are sometimes used in some civilian areas. For example, jammers have been installed in German prisons and juvenile detention facilities to interfere with or suppress nearby unauthorized radio frequency bands, thereby reducing drug trade and prison outbreaks. In August 2016, devices used to interfere with mobile phones were successfully tested in Sankt Pölten, Austria. The results show that the test can only block connections between prisoners and does not interfere with outdoor mobile communications. According to statistics, about 60 to 70 mobile phones are checked every month in Austrian prisons.

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