Signal jammers quiet the surroundings

  • Now no matter if you are in any public place, you will see a lot of people playing mobile phones with their heads down, sometimes making unacceptable noise, but the emergence of jammers perfectly solves this problem and suddenly changes the world. It's quiet
  • Most electronic devices today are mobile phones, communications and entertainment products. The rapid development of science and technology has greatly improved the appearance and functions of smart phones, and people using mobile phones are very common. A signal blocker, cell phone signal blocking can create a quiet environment for people. More and more people read books and newspapers on the subway, and spending too much time on smartphones is not good for us.

    Since the anti-interference performance of CDMA mobile phones is much better than that of GSM mobile phones, the interference preventer of CDMA mobile networks is smaller than that of GSM mobile phones, but the difference is not much different. If necessary, increase the number of mobile phone signal interference transmitters to ensure the effect of traffic congestion. In some particularly important areas, the shielding effect of CDMA mobile phones is very good.

    There is a small portable jammer, a wireless LAN transmission signal and a mobile phone jammer for market surveillance. Adopting advanced foreign technology, working 24 hours a day, 365 consecutive days, using imported parts of communication suppression devices, improved domestic mobile communication with power supply based on advanced high-tech products, highly recommended for school test rooms, dormitories, libraries , Prisons, camps, military, troops, churches, secret meeting rooms, etc.

    The angle of the signal interference antenna can be adjusted freely. Depending on the interference frequency, each stopband can be turned on and off, and the intensity can be set. In some countries, blocking radio waves without the permission of the communications authority may violate the Radio Law. This method is difficult to implement when you do not want to use a mobile phone or need a quiet room, and it is difficult to improve by simply attracting the audience. However, when I read on the train, people around me started stealing my personal mobile network, which was very dangerous for protecting personal information.

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