The interceptor signal is different for each band of the jamme

  • The jammer I just bought a few days ago has a lot of bands, but I don't know what signal each band specifically shields, can you give me some answers?
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    Each antenna in the phone gps jammer has its own power-on and radio wave setting button, which you can use to set the frequency band to be cut and the radio waves you do not want to cut. Shield mobile radio signals, such as GSM / CDMA / UHF / VHF / DCS / PHS / 3G / 4G / 5G. Different wireless communication devices cannot communicate with each other and can be set according to the signal frequency band. If this is not the case, you can resume normal use. Therefore, make sure to turn it off when not in use, and block other electronic and radio signal equipment required for 3G security.

    If it can send a signal that interferes with the frequency of the mobile phone's use of the frequency, it can block the communication of the mobile phone, which can certainly prevent all mobile phones in the lobby from ringing. However, there is no way to prevent cell phone alerts that do not require communication. For similar reasons, similar results are expected in hospitals that need quiet rest. When confidential information in a data center or the like needs to be strictly protected, communication with the outside can be blocked to prevent information leakage.

    If you are using and purchasing a jammer, you must first mount the antenna on the main unit according to the corresponding logo, and then connect the main unit's power. Avoid using the phone jammer without the antenna installed properly. The effective coverage of a shielding device is a circular area centered on the device. Therefore, when selecting the correct location of the signal jammer, care must be taken to avoid dead spots in the shield.

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