Can jammers really make people make phone noise?

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    Now no matter where they are, many people become low-investment groups, and sometimes electronic equipment will make unacceptable sounds. At this time, a high-power interference device is needed.
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    With the use of ubiquitous mobile phones, there has been a recovery. Although some people practice good cell phone etiquette, many people still discuss their private, professional or secular affairs in public places and force anyone nearby to listen. People keep talking on trains, subways, buses, grocery stores, shopping centers and cafes, making their compatriots even more angry. This allows some people to take things into their own hands. If you use Messenger in a handbag or handbag, you can turn off the phone by turning on the switch. As long as the device is activated, if the distance between the device and the signal source is insufficient, it cannot be reconnected.

    Many commercial operators want to use cell phone portable jammer. Restaurant owners and theaters are just two examples of customers frequently receiving complaints from their mobile phones. Providing expensive metal shields in buildings to block cell phone signals (which is legal), understandably, it can be tempting to set up cheap back-end equipment to cover up cell phone usage in cell phones. The hospital also wants to connect phones that may interfere with medical equipment. Churches, libraries, courts and entrepreneurs who want to increase employee productivity are examples of potential technology clients.

    According to reports, the top manufacturers mainly sell interference equipment to military and law enforcement agencies, but they sell the equipment to everyone, and declare that the buyer is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is legal in his country and that the buyer bears all responsibility. Responsibility for buying, owning or using equipment. The mobile phone industry opposes the use of these devices, and many people have invested money in labeling mobile phones to solve the growing problem of mobile phone users.

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