Electronic interference sometimes exists around us

  • Childeric
    Sometimes there are a lot of jammers fighting around us, maybe we do n’t know, so we may be the people who are affected.
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    Electronic warfare uses concentrated energy (usually radio waves or lasers) to confuse or disable enemy electronic devices. It can also be about listening-collecting radio signals from the enemy or capturing incoming radar radar.

    As countries like Russia begin to develop greater digital and electronic capabilities, US electronic warfare becomes more and more important, which may pose challenges to future US armed forces. Deputura said: "The physical properties of future combat platforms are unlikely to change significantly." "But these systems need to be changed in future combat networks to realize the full potential of this computerized war."

    The Army Threat System Management Office demonstrated electronic warfare jammer technology, and the Army Threat System Management Office (TSMO) team visited the US National Training Center on December 2 to showcase recent developments at the Arsenal Office in Redstone, Alabama Electronic gps jammer technology.

    TSMO electronics engineer Curtis Leslie said that the team is here to help senior leaders of national training centers, such as Xiaoxin, direct injection jammers can be programmed on keywords to simulate combat training scenarios Radio signal interference for electronic detection and communication. Leslie said: "We can install them on a tactical vehicle like a 5 ton Hummer." "Our injection jammers can be used instead of outdoor jammers."

    The interference box is installed between the antenna and the radio transceiver. When prompted by a simple sight signal from the observer-controller-trainer, it can be programmed to generate various types of noise digitally.

    Leslie said that typical signal jammers broadcasters broadcast live on "public" radio waves and need to obtain military, federal communications or federal aviation department approvals, which typically limit late night and early morning interference. He said that in the injection process, the concept of interference is nothing new. Recent technological advances have made the jammer smaller and lower energy consumption, making it a place in military training centers with severely crowded environments The ideal choice of wireless spectrum may be problematic. The demonstration at the National Training Center is part of the Army ’s space training strategy, which will provide advanced technologies developed by TSMO for the fighter training community.

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