How to protect yourself from the radiation of mobile phones

  • Ashpakhyan
    Now more and more people are worried that the radiation of mobile phones will cause harm to the human body. I bought a mobile phone jammer in the perfectjammer store a few days ago, and quickly resolved this doubt.
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    "New York Times" reporter Edward Wyatt (Edward Wyatt) recently said that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has signed an agreement with the operator to notify customers when there is a risk of additional charges.

    The agreement will come into effect within one year and was proposed after a year and a half of research by the Federal Communications Commission. They called the bill shocking. Wyatt said the bill was shocked: "After customers receive wireless bills once a month, they suddenly find that they are hovering or misusing voice and information services to charge a sudden fee of hundreds or even thousands of dollars."

    Most U.S. wireless contracts set the rate to a series of minutes every month to use for talk time and limited text messages. After launching modern smartphones and tablets (such as iPads), their plans now include a reliable amount of information.

    Obviously, in the United States, when customers exceed these strict limits, the invoices generated are usually much more expensive than the monthly quota price, calculated at the price per share. Although many operators provide routes for customers to check their usage, many operators do not.

    Wyatt said that due to the high costs sometimes incurred as a result of overuse that has become an integral part of the customer base, these carriers lack goodwill and hurt everyone. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that tens of millions of phone users are hit by these excess usage fees every year.

    It appears that the Federal Communications Commission is also concerned that the substantial increase in the use of information has caused "radio waves to be completely submerged, and wireless service providers find that they are ultimately unacceptable." Download request ".

    After the holidays or when your child cannot restrict the use of mobile phones, it seems that there must be some way to deal with the possible problem of excessive mobile phone bills. To fully control the family's mobile phone situation, please use the 4g phone portable jammer to avoid billing, and ensure that you only pay for phone and text messages from the wireless plan, and save the hard earned money!

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