How to ban phone ringtones while working

  • alexytonyalexytony
    The ringtone is very convenient for us to make important calls, but despite the popularity of mobile phones, personal information leakage, ringtone noise problems, various sales calls, harassment calls, I still can't take a good rest. How to stop ringtone and make important calls?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    As you said, mobile phone ringtones are very common in our lives. For the use of mobile phones, many people do not use civilization consciousness very well, which seriously affects our lives and work. This is prohibited. I am actually more annoyed by the harassment of phone bells. The leakage of personal information makes our mobile phones receive many harassment calls every day. You may still suffer. How do you solve the noise problem caused by mobile phone ringtones? You may wish to try using a cell phone portable jammer to disable the cell phone signal.

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