Is public WiFi safe? I'm afraid to expose our personal information

  • There are now many rogue windows on the web, and phishing sites can easily poison your phone and steal your information or even property. I usually don’t connect to public wifi, but I am worried that my loved ones will be cheated for money. Is there any good recommendation?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    With the development and popularization of the wifi network, we are a ubiquitous wifi network, people’s lives are inseparable from wifi, it has been connected to the Internet media, our own wifi may be hacked, let alone public wifi, the public The openness of the wifi that it reflects can provide services to a wider group of people, some do not require a password, only need to connect to use, and some need to use a mobile phone number to connect, although these wifi provides people with convenience, but also bring The security is dangerous, and public wifi connection needs to be cautious. In the face of public wifi security, we should try not to connect when necessary to better protect our information security. If you think your information is not important, you can contact, but I suggest you do not. If you want to connect to public wifi, you can use a wifi jammer.

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