Where can buy WiFi jammer

  • Today, although devices that interfere with the use of WiFi signals are illegal, they still sell well. I also want to buy a jammer of my own, where do I need to buy it?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Perfectjammer's jammer online store is very worthwhile for people to buy, saying that they sell thousands of jammers every year and expand their business to all over the world. They are far from the only manufacturers. These devices are sold all over the world, and many vendors sell them online. Shenzhen-based Medic Inc. sold thousands of wifi jammer before the government stepped in to restrict their use in live performance venues. Commuters are still buying them to silence silent train passengers, even though they are used. Unlawful. In Scotland, Ronnie McGuire, owner of an electrical and electronic engineering services company, imported Taiwanese-made WiFi blockers and sold them to hotels, restaurants and bars until a local newspaper reported that he was in the UK Engaging in illegal activities.

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