Totally interfere with DriveCam

  • How to completely block all signals from DriveCam (assuming it is possible)?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    There is a way to block all signals from DriveCam. Basically, it uses the GSM frequency, because GPRS and EDGE are both a way to encode and transmit data through a simple GSM standard. It uses the same frequency and the same base station as GSM. Moreover, the dome of its device can not only use GPS tracking, but also use cell phone tower triangulation technology to track the location of the vehicle. It uses the nearest base station to calculate your original location. First, we must mention the fact that employers tend to monitor their employees, which is why they install this kind of equipment. A simple GPS tracker is sufficient to monitor the fleet. Therefore, in order to completely block DriveCam, you will have to block mobile communications, and portable cell phone jammer will be very useful. Just open it and no information will be sent to your employer.

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