How to avoid being secretly photographed while staying in a hotel?

  • We can often see on the Internet that someone who stayed in a hotel was secretly photographed by others, so how can we avoid this situation?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    You are worried that being photographed is normal, and we don’t want others to see our privacy, which makes us very uncomfortable. But it is inevitable for us to continue our hotel, so the possibility of being photographed, the possibility of being secretly photographed is very high, if someone asks you to take the actual secret photograph, it seems difficult to do it. They often install a hidden camera in a hotel room to steal your every move in the room, which is dangerous for us. There may be a hidden camera phenomenon, we all know it will be good, but we can not sneak camera equipment, because they are too subtle, the picture shows that we don't know. You can use a portable wifi jammer. Generally speaking, wireless surveillance cameras are monitored via WiFi 2.4g.

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