How can the WiFi signal be blocked silently?

  • alexytonyalexytony
    My child has been addicted to surfing the Internet, holding his mobile phone and not letting go. I don’t know what equipment can prevent this phenomenon?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    The Internet of Things for child addicts is very common. I often see many people complaining that children’s self-control ability is weaker and more rebellious, so it is necessary to take some drastic measures. As you said, it is a very good method to cut off the wifi network so that it cannot work normally. As for how to block the wifi signal, you can buy a professional desktop wifi jammer from our store. Blocking the wifi signal is actually very simple. You don’t want your kids to connect to wifi. You can turn it off. If you feel bad, then you really have to buy a wireless signal jammer. It can not only cut off the wifi network, but also Block the cell phone signal and make your child put down the phone completely.

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