Cell phone jammer interrupts the desire to escape

  • Prisons generally use a large number of mobile phone jammers to block signals and cut off people's desire to escape.
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    The prison uses a mobile phone jammer to completely cut off the idea of ​​escape. Before the inmate enters the prison, the belongings he carries will be strictly checked, but this does not ensure that the prisoner will not bring electronic devices into the prison through other channels. Once contact with the outside world is very difficult. There may be major consequences such as prisoners escaping and committing crimes again. Now that prisons use mobile cell phone jammer, no matter whether inmates can get their mobile phones through other channels, they must stop the idea of ​​running away and committing crimes again. Many people think that the prisoners are not fools. Since they can send their mobile phones into the prison from the outside, they will naturally have a way to find and destroy the normal operation of the mobile phone signal jammer, not to mention whether they can have a way Destruction, even if it is found, is a little difficult. There are some places in the prison where prisoners are inaccessible. The preventive measures are very strict and the materials carried by the prisoners are subject to strict inspection when they enter the prison. Second, even if the inmate actually finds the location of the mobile phone signal jammer, how to destroy it and where the tools needed to destroy it come from are all questions. This is also because it plays a major role in prison and sever the sentence. The main reason for the idea of ​​escape.

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