Criminals are now looking to low-cost GPS jamming devices to steal goods by road and sea, a growing

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    You cannot be a crime expert or a secret agent. It is necessary to introduce some background knowledge. The core problem with any system that uses GPS is that the signals are extremely weak, a natural consequence of the long distances these signals must travel. The principle of the jammer gps is that by transmitting the signal on the same frequency, the power of the jammer can overwhelm the GPS signal, but only slightly stronger than the original signal. A typical jammer used to hijack cargo can jam frequencies up to 5 miles away, rendering GPS tracking and security equipment like those used by trucking companies completely ineffective. 
    In Mexico, jammers are used in approximately 85% of truck cargo thefts. Statistics from the United States are relatively difficult to come by, but there is no doubt that these devices are widespread and ubiquitous. Russia is currently using the technology to jam Ukrainian commercial airliners.

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