GPS tracking equipment is one of the fastest growing fields in the monitoring industry

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    Some people are afraid of GPS, and it is said that GPS tracking devices are often installed in some cars.
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Transmitting interfering radio waves with the same wavelength as GPS satellite radio waves will hinder the GPS positioning function.Many times you don't notice it.It can prevent radio waves from reaching the vehicle GPS receiver.It is widely used in the market.At present, many GPS tracking applications have the position tracking function.

    Some GPS jamming devices can escape tracking, and the radio waves of smart phones can be cut off.The most common mobile phone blocker in life is very common.Now you can see that gps blocker are used in many places.You need to realize that this is an advanced anti tracking technology.If the device is stuck, the phone is out of service and cannot be used.I confirm that the radio wave emitted by the equipment is very weak, which is within the range of weak radio wave specified by the Radio Wave Law.

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