What is the impact of GPS jamming devices in life?

  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    I only heard that GPS affects us. So what impact will GPS jammers have on our lives?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Now there are more and more GPS and other positioning systems. GPS equipment is really useful for our navigation and rescue. 
    On the other hand, with the help of GPS devices, bad guys can easily lock us in. When we are with our family, shopping, and taking care of our children, especially on business trips, GPS devices can easily tell us the location, thus exposing our privacy.
    How can we protect ourselves?
     How to protect our privacy? 
    A GPS jammers is a machine that can cut off the GPS signal and turn off all GPS devices within a specific range. Protecting our privacy really helps us.

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