Why can jammers be used sensibly in churches, theaters, concert halls and museums?

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    The reporter was the first to notice. When reporting on the wedding of rich and famous people, they could not call their editor, so they asked the priest why their mobile phones were always disconnected at Sacred Heart Church. His answer is: Israel's anti espionage activities.
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    In the four churches in Monterrey, Israeli made cell phone gps blocker, which are
    as big as paperback books, are hidden inconspicuously between Madonna's
    paintings and saints' statues.

    The four Roman Catholic churches in the northern city began to use these
    equipment. These equipment came from Netline Communications Technologies Ltd.,
    headquartered in Tel Aviv. Previously, an insurance salesman imported these
    equipment as a personal favor to the priest.

    "There are still many people who do not understand that attending Mass is to
    share a moment with God," said the Archbishop spokesman, Rev Juan Jose Martinez.
    "Sadly, we have no choice but to use these gadgets."

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