What will reduce the efficiency of GPS?

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    Common reasons include: blocking of satellite signals caused by buildings, bridges, trees, etc. Indoor or underground use. Signals reflected from buildings or walls ("multipath")

    The government promises to provide GPS according to the accuracy level specified in the GPS Standard Positioning Service (SPS) performance standard. As with positioning, the speed accuracy of GPS depends on many factors. The government provides space GPS signals with a global average user range error (URRE) ≤ 0.006 m/s at any 3-second interval with a 95% probability. Due to the progress of technology, we can now obtain the types of information that our ancestors could only dream of. GPS or global positioning system is a major technology that many of us use every day but sometimes neglect.

    One of the most common problems with any GPS is correct tracking. The latest navigation service - think Google Maps - can pinpoint your location with a minimum error of 3-10 meters. If your device is older or does not have good GPS reception, it will be difficult to receive satellite or cell phone tower signals. Low battery power will affect the normal operation of GPS on any device. When a signal from a GPS satellite or cell phone tower bounces off a building, the GPS receiver may be confused by the extra time it takes for the signal to reach it. In these cases, you may find that the location suddenly goes wrong. In these cases, there are not many ways to reduce the impact of multipath errors. In these cases, the accuracy of GPS is low.

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    Radio interference or interference: temporary gap caused by satellite maintenance/operation within the coverage range. In some cases, the GPS hardware of the equipment works normally, but the software used fails. For example, users may be misled by GPS software services. Or GPS jammers holder may use jamming equipment nearby.

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