Can blocker high-altitude drone and small drone signals with jammer?

  • HoodLeslie
    Recently more and more people using drone, there are often several unmanned aerial vehicles hovering over and near my home. I feel a bit not good. Not only is noise, these little guys may also violate my personal privacy. I even saw individual drone equipped with weapons! This is crazy!
    So, guys, I need your help! What kind of jammer can shoot down those annoying little guy? 
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello Hood!
    Depending on what your describe, your may need a high-powered drone jammer.
    There are two jammers right for you. One of them is a gun type drone blocker. It has the advantage of jammer precision, can quickly shoot down at high altitude UAV. However, there is no way to interfere with the signal when you are not targeting the UAV.
    The other is full range drone jammer, Can 360 degree blocker UAV signals, open the switch to run, no other action required. In comparison, the second jammers may be more suitable for your.
    I hope my answer can help you

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