What does gps jammer cigarette lighter

  • StuartCecil
    I heard on the Internet that there is a small device called a GPS jammer cigarette lighter,can use in the car to interfere with GPS signals. Is it true?
    Because many apps now have location features, some can't even close, often exposing my personal location. I don't like that. I think privacy should be protected.
    So I want to know about this device, can it be easily bought? Is it convenient to use?
    I would be most grateful if you would answer my question.
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello Sturat!
    First, your fears are right. Now all kinds of apps have location sharing, and some apps can't disable this feature. In addition, due to the development of technology now, the tracking technology is more and more developed, and your whereabouts will be exposed inadvertently.
    Second, the device is real. Usually, this kind of GPS jammer cigarette lighter  can be put into the car to charge and can be used at any time.
    It has to be said that personal privacy is now vulnerable to threats. Sometimes we have to use jamming devices to protect our privacy. 
    However, please note that during use, please pay attention to the distance between other vehicles so as not to affect others. 
  • addison
    As far as I know, these devices are now easier to buy online.
    It is worth noting that you must know where you are going before you buy. If used in the car, it is recommended to buy a cigarette lighter type. If you are carrying around, suggest buying a handheld type.

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