Should allow children to use mobile phone in shchool or not

  • KelloggClive
    No doubt every child now has at least one mobile phone. As smartphones become more widely available, children can use it to do more and more. There are many benefits, and children can quickly get the latest information and study on the Internet. But there is a crucial question: should children take their phones to school? 
    According to the survey, many children bring mobile phones to school not for study or contact their parents. It's for other purposes.
    So should children be allowed to use mobile phones at school?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hi, Kellogg!
    First of all, thank you for coming up with such a meaningful question.
    As far as I'm concerned. Students should not be allowed to use mobile phones in school. 
    Why? Because using a cell phone can seriously distract students.
    Maybe during the course of the teacher's lecture, the students were chatting on Facebook, or watching video on youtube.
    Of course, this smart device can also be used for cheating or other purposes. You never know what purpose the cell phone will be used for in the hands of students.
    As far as the solution is concerned, there are two feasible alternatives available for reference.
    A: Build a large Faraday cage in the school building area. This can effectively block cell phone signals. But it's very expensive.
    B: Use a popular cell phone jammer. This is one of the most popular devices at present. However, permission is required before use.
  • addison
    Personally, I don't quite understand why you have to bring your cell phone to school. You don't need to look at your phone all the time, but look at your teacher.
    Although we can learn a lot from the Internet through mobile phones. But I believe most students use mobile phones for this purpose. So I don't think students should use mobile phones in school.

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